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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. moment of crisis. the debt talks blow up at the white house and angry president shoves his chair back and walks out. why president obama said enough is enough. the most shocking nightmare for any parent. the story of a little boy on his first walk home alone from summer camp and the terrible fate he met at the hands of a total stranger. stunning survivors in a week of revelations about how jaycee dugard held on to hope for so long fellow survivor elizabeth smart joins us with her inspiring message for jaycee and children everywhere. and goal! >> taking it and it's a goal. abby wambach again. usa ahead. >> another wild win for the u.s. women's soccer team now heading to the world cup finals for the
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first time since 1999. we'll talk exclusively to the superstars who have the whole country cheering them on. good friday eve, everyone. that's what angie just told us. i love that soccer slide. they did a little slide in the corner. >> abby is fierce. you've been smiling for the last 20 hours. >> we had a great viewing party. there were people calling in sick to watch the match but the team will be joining us. >> and, boy, they were on the ropes but came back. really something. news on the presididtial race this morning. michele bachmann now the front-runner in iowa in several different polls also moving up nationally, as well. it's gotten the attention of sarah palin, she announced last night that she is going to announce her decision late august/early september. >> may be weighing in.
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>> we'll see. >> you have one that's 6. >> harper is 6 and ellie is almost 9. >> that crackdown we're seeing on kid, the under 6 set is under assault. why so many restaurants and businesses are telling parents, leave their children at home. >> yeah, leave us at home. we want a baby-sitter. >> they don't want to go with you. >> not all the time. we'll get to that. the latest in this debt limit showdown. could spell financial chaos.ich here's a couple of ominous signs. the rating agency moody's is now preparing to downgrade america's credit rating and standa standard & poor's saying they'll do the same if america fails to pay out social security checks or any other obligations in august. all this made for a tense mood when the president met with congressional leaders last night so let's bring in abc's jake tapper. jake, this seems to be the roughest meeting yet. >> reporter: that's right. described by sources as the tensest meeting yet of these deficit negotiation teams.
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president obama at one point clearly frustrated said he would not sign any short-term fix on this debt ceiling increase, only a long-term one even at the risk of bringing down his presidency. temperatures began rising, sources tell abc news, after house majority leader eric cantor suggested the two sides were too far apart to come to a deal and proposed a short-term fix to raise the debt ceiling just until next year. he said that's when the president got agitated this. is confirming what the american people think is the worst about washington. everyone is more important in posturing and protecting their base than in solving problems. the president continued "i have shown enormous willingness to compromise and have taken huge heat for it. it cannot all be on us." the president again threatened to veto a short-term solution telling leaders don't call my bluff and argued there needs to be a long-term debt solution and
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then laid all his cards on the table. this may bring my presidency down, but i will not yield on this. he then pushed back his chair, stood up and abruptly ended the meeting. >> and that was that so the gap no closer after that meeting yesterday, jake. i know my sources told me and yours are telling you the same thing, the white house will see if they can make progress by tomorrow on this deal that would cut the deficit by 2$2, 2.atrillion, still very far apart. if that's not possible, seems like this effort by the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and democratic leader harry reid in the senate may pick up more steam, become the center of gravity. >> reporter: that's right. they have until tomorrow to decide whether or not they'll try for the deficit reduction package. the president said, if not they'll try to raise the debt ceiling without any deficit reduction. >> jake, thanks very much. i know you'll stay on top of this. more politics now. the presidential race, michele bachmann speaking out on the country's mounting debt crisis at a time when she is surging in
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the polls ahead one of the big favorites sarah palin. jonathan karl is in washington and has more on all this. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there is no presidential candidate with more momentum right now than michele bachmann. ♪ my home in -- >> reporter: no republican presidential candidate has taken a harder line on the debt ceiling showdown than michele bachmann. >> we were all shocked and appalled that president obama dangled out in front of the cameras that senior citizens may not get their checks. that's a very dangerous statement to make. we don't believe -- excuse me. excuse me. we don't believe that for a moment. >> reporter: tough talk from bachmann is nothing new but she now speaks with new-found authority as a top tier contender for the republican presidential nomination. a new national poll puts bachmann firmly in second place as the leading challenger to front-runner mitt romney. and in key first caucus state iowa, three separate polls over the past week put bachmann in
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first place. >> republican primary voters are looking for somebody who has -- brings some excitement, who brings something different to the table and she definitely does that. >> thank you, everyone. we love you. >> reporter: bachmann is also positioning herself firmly to the right on social issues becoming one of just two republican candidates to sign a so-called declaration of dependence upon marriage and family, promising absolute opposition to redefining marriage and vowing personal fidelity. with bachmann's rise, it's no wonder she now finds herself under attack. >> her record of accomplishment in congress is nonexistent. it's nonexistent. >> reporter: an interview with fox news she responded. >> when you're running for the presidency of the united states you have to expect you' will hae attacks on all sides. my focus is not on negativity. >> reporter: we'll know if she'll have competition in appealing to tea party and
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evangelical voters from sarah palin. in an interview last night palin said that the field still lacks somebody with good executive experience. she talked quite at length about what she would run a campaign like and she said she will make that decision, robin, about whether or not to run, sarah palin, by august or september. >> yeah, and she's on the cover of "newsweek" this week, as well, all right, jon, thanks so much. i tell you, this next story breaks your heart. >> very, very different story. heartbreaking that comes out of new york and it is every parent's worst nightmare. her mother prepares her 8-year-old for his first walk home from camp, takes the wrong turn, asks a stranger for directions and taken by that man and murdered. andrea canning has more. >> reporter: good morning, george. and that fateful meeting, it happened on this quiet block, this seemingly safe block here in brooklyn and what makes it so scary is that it was completely random. this boy had never met his attacker.
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wanting to be so grown up, 8-year-old leibby kletzky had asked his parents to let him walk home alone from camp. just seven blocks and they would meet him. they had even practiced it together. it was his first day on his own, but police say he got confused, missed a turn and asked for directions. from the wrong man, 35-year-old levy aron. >> this is every parent's nightmare, but this type of incident is extremely rare. >> reporter: in the tape you can see leibby walking behind a man identified as aron. police say just after 5:00 p.m. leibby began the walk. in a terrible twist of fate he ran into levy aron and asked him for directions. aron told the little boy to wait while he entered a nearby dentist's office. seven minutes later aron takes the boy away in his car. his abduction set off a massive search by the boy's tight-knit
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community. >> with the assistance, they found records that established his name and address. >> reporter: at 2:30 cops entered his home. at 35 years old aron still lived in his parents' home, a plumbing store clerk he was religious and his facebook shows 225 friends and interests like "american idol" but neighbors described him as a loner who hung out in play many grounds. why is this so rare? >> wrong place, wrong time for the little boy and the exact time for sexual perversion to want to snatch, seize and destroy. >> reporter: police say he confessed to the abduction and led them to a suitcase that contained the boy's body parts. thousands gathered to celebrate the life of the innocent boy who would have been 9 years old next week. and one news report says during the killer's confession he told the police he took the boy to a
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wedding the night of the abduction. george? >> boy, that is so hard to hear, andrea, thanks so much. >> now new information on a controversial story we first told you about wednesday on "gma." a prominent obesity expert generating a lot of outrage when he argued severely overweight children should be taken from their homes for their own good. abc's dan harris has been talking to doctors and parents. i know i heard a lot about this yesterday. >> as you said, this is a hugely controversial idea and the vast majority off experts we contactd disagree with it. this morning we're going to introduce you to one family who bases it on painful personal experience. it was a case that shocked many people in this country. 3-year-old anna marie weighing an extraordinary 90 pounds taken from her outraged parents by government officials in albuquerque, new mexico. >> it was two months of hell. seemed like the longest two months in my life.
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>> two unnecessary months of hell. anna marie didn't improve at all in foster care. she was returned to her parents and later diagnosed with a genetic predisposition. >> they say it's the benefit of the child. it did more damage to my daughter than any kind of money or any kind of therapy is going to ever replace what they did to her. >> reporter: anna marie, now 14, only agreed to speak to us if we concealed her face. here is what she had 0 say about dr. david ludwig, who wrote that provocative commentary in a prestigious medical journal. >> it's not right what he's doing because to get better you need to be with your family and have support instead of having doct doctors surround you. >> reporter: this family has never recovered from the trauma. what's your response to a case like that? >> well, state intervention is no guarantee of a good outcome, but to do nothing is also not an answer. >> reporter: the doctor says children should only be removed
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in the most extreme cases and that state officials should first offer counseling and education to parents. >> it should only bee used as a last resort. but when we have a 400-pound child with life-threatening complications, it may not be any great choices. >> reporter: we shoulday while many oppose his proposal, everybody agrees childhood obesity is a massive crisis in the country with 2 million extremely obese children in america right now. that's the estimate. this doctor at theery least got us talking. >> got us talking but do you want 2 million in the foster system that has its own issues. >> he said clearly not 2 million kids going to the foster care system, only extreme case. >> got a lot of people talking. we want to know what you think. should parents lose discussion di of extremely obese kids? vote now using the "gma" app on your iphone or android phone or go to our website at
7:13 am southern california is bracing itself for epic gridlock. one of the world's busiest freeways about to be shut down for the entire weekend and abbie boudreau has more on all the drivers getting ready for what they're calling carmageddon. ♪ >> reporter: you would think the end of the world is coming, and in l.a., it might as well be. >> stay the hell away from the 405. >> reporter: they're closing ten miles of the 405 freeway for construction this weekend. >> it's going to be chaos. >> reporter: anywhere else this might be a minor nuisance but the 405 is the busiest, most legendarily traffic-clogged highway in america. officials are warning. celebrities are tweeting. jetblue is giving $4 flights to get across town. even eric estrada of "c.h.i.p.s." fame came out to warn people. >> plan ahead.
7:14 am
avoid the area or stay home. >> reporter: not even your eco friendly car will do you good. >> carmageddon doesn't care about your prius. >> reporter: flying in a helicopter will be the only fast way to get around town because when the 405 is shut down, traffic experts predict total chaos. >> for us not to have access to freeways is like the end of the world. it really is. >> reporter: this bride means it. she and her fiance had no clue carmageddon would strike when they started to plan their wedding last year. so for those in l.a., all those honks are about to go silent. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. every time i've benghazi out ut there there is never a time when that is not backed up. josh elliott. >> not ever. that thing 24 hours a day is filled with cars. to appreciate how many people have been displaced and what is
7:15 am
going to happen to the greater los angeles area is unbelievable to think they're shutting that down. incredible. >> some weekend. >> i toss to myself. the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire has now spread to the unitete states. congressional lawmakers are asking the fbi to investigate whether murdoch's newspapers tried to hack into the phone records of september 11th victims. today a ninth man was now arrested in connection with phone hacking at the "news of the world." this time it was a top editor. in india's financial capital mumbai is on high alert after three bombings rocked the city at rush hour. investigators are combing debris trying to determine which terror group is behind the attack, which killed at least 17 people and wounded more than 140. and new evidence this morning that any recovery in the housing market is still a long way off. foreclosure activity actually rose by 4% last month compared to may. now analysts expect at least
7:16 am
800,000 homes will be repossessed this year alone. they say that number would be far higher, but banks are actually backed up trying to process all thehe defaults. and finally, the academy awards of theports world. they are espn's espy awards complete with red carpet fashion and, oh, boy, was there a standout this year. giants star brian wilson is award crazy. he proved it. he was calling it a onesie. built-in gloves and his cougar cane and a beard where i do believe they have whole ecosystems yet to be discovered. >> it is a look. >> it is a look, yes. >> such a strong reaction. you seem jealous of it. >> i'm a little jealous. big fan of the onesie. the heat continues in a lot of areas, though it's down just a bit.
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let me show you from dallas into chicagoland where by the end of the weekend into next week there is another heat wave brewing that could be worse and longer than what we just went through so that's not good news but you at least get from now till the end of the weekend for a break. new york at 83. washington, d.c., mid-atlantic at about 85. boston is at 77. took a little time to get the clouds off the cape but it's working that way. the big board and that, my friends, is the weather, no onen sie.
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69 degrees at reagan national. as 24 hours ago. high-pressure unblocked forhead, bringing sunshine the morning and afternoon. clear skies for the overnight. . the forecast. 82-87 degrees for today. air in the mountains. mainly clear tonight in the 50's 60's. >> that weather brought to you by progressive. robin? >> the big win wednesday. everyone cheering in the u.s. as the women's soccer team beating france, 3-1. now the u.s. women facing japan in the final on sunday and abby wambach and lauren cheney join us now live from dusseldorf, germany, to tell us a little about that. congratulations to you and team usa. i loved how you guys teamed up, nice corner kick there, lauren. tell us a little about that that
7:19 am
helped set up the go-ahead goal by abby. >> yeah, abby was being man marked obviously and the girl was pretty tight on her. i knew i just needed to float it in there and abby would get to that. >> i like that you knew she would be there for you. it's as simple as that. i love the soccer slide like that there's still work to do. japan, i know you guys have never lost to japan, the u.s., but this is a team that beat sweden, this is a team that sent the host team home, germany, so how do you see the final on sunday? >> well, you know, japan is playing excellent soccer. they're so possession oriented. we have a good tune-up match with france to go into the time but at this point it's about who wants it more. i don't care what the stats are between the two teams in history's past because it's a world cup final. this is what we've all been dreaming about since we were little kids. it's our time, and i'm just so
7:20 am
excited to have the opportunity to play -- to become a world champ. it's going to be awesome. >> we're so excited for you, abby, because you've been there so many times and you've said this would really make it complete for you and i know you feel the same way, lauren so just give us a feeling of what it's like there because we're going nuts here in the u.s., lauren. >> we obviously love the support back home we've all been getting. we've been getting all the messages, the twitter mail but here we're so excited. the energy is just obviously out of the roof and before the game we're dancing, we're laughing and even in the hallways in the hotel we're just so excited to be here and be around each other. >> you have our full support. we just wanted to check in with you quick. give our best to everybody there in germany. we'll be watching on sunday. >> thanks again, robin. >> take care, abby. take care, lauren. see it sunday on espn2:00 p.m. coming up here, vanished.
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this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. 7:26 on this thursday, july 14. i am jennifer donelan. we begin with checking on the commute with lisa baden. sinkhole near the 14th street bridge.
7:27 am
it is on the d.c. side of the bridge. ddot describes this as a drain the cover of the drain is down on the left side of e road where the hov and the convert towould side of thee d.c. street bridge. that could not be in a worst location. easy repair.n take you there. that's impacting traffic in the of springfield. the main lanes and hov lanes is are watching. good in the hov lanes at duke street. close to the pentagon is where slammed.traffic we are looking at a nice morning shaping up for us. the humidity has been low. temperatures are comfortable. warming up nicely. dulles international at 67, off
7:28 am
manassas, 69 at reagan national. high-pressure overhead, a day, high temperatures around 85 degrees. a mother and baby are ok carjacking and police chase. whiter-old terron carjacked them at a baltimore thentation last night and on 95 where their cruiser. police the states then moved on to the beltway. mother are ok and the suspect is in custody. the 14th street bridge for now if you can. another news update now if you can. another news update
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transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. ♪ walking on sunshine >> good crowd in times square. a lot of kids with their parents. will restaurants allow them in if they're under 6? a bit of a trend. some restaurants saying they're not going to allow kid under 6 to come into their restaurants because they misbehave too much. i do admit, you know, i get a little nervous if it's the witching hour, sugar is low and my kids might be a little prone to a tantrum, to a meltdown but banning them? that seems pretty harsh. >> banning them from flights and restaurants, i don't know about that. are you ready for the show me the money? our cameron mathison turns treasure hunter unearthing money, even gold in the most
7:31 am
unexpected places. you will not believe how much money you can find if you know where to look and cameron is going to help us. >> you have the cools right there. >> we'll get to that. we do begin with new clues in the disappearance of a mother of triplets in missouri. investigators say jacque waller's personal business cards were found on a stretch of road ten miles from where her car was recovered 43 days ago. intense search efforts have been under way ever since and a major news search is under way for this year and yunji de nies has the latest. yunji. >> reporter: good morning, george. by all accounts jacque waller is a loving mother who would never leave her three children. her husband has been named a person of interest in her disappearance. police do suspect foul play, but at this point they tell us they do not have enough evidence to establish that a crime was committed. biking brings out the joy in tripletses maddox, avery and addison. it's a skill they learned from their mom jacque. here they are together in home
7:32 am
video as she shows them how. but it's been six weeks since these 5-year-olds have seen their mother who mysteriously vanished. >> they knew how much she loved them and they know she wouldn't just leave. >> reporter: on the day jacque waller went missing she met with her attorney and her estranged husband clay waller to finalize their divorce. later that afternoon, she went to waller's home to pick up her son, but waller told police they argued and his wife left on foot. >> we are now well over 250 leads into it. we still have not found jacque but we're continuing to search every day. >> reporter: jacque's blue honda pilot was soon found abandoned on a nearby interstate with a flat tire. her sister cheryl says jacque told her she was deeply afraid of her husband. >> he had been threatening her for a solid year. he told her that divorcing him would be a death sentence. >> reporter: clay waller, a
7:33 am
former police officer, refused our request for an interview. in a written statement his attorney said mr. waller misses his wife and hopes she is found okay. he had nothing to do with her disappearance and sympathizes with her family. we will not try this case in the media while there is an ongoing investigation. cheryl says she fears the worst for jacque. >> she always said, you don't know what he's capable of. i do. i just don't want to be dead. oh. >> reporter: cheryl is now caring for her sister's children whose only image of their mother now is on these posters pleading for her safe return. >> they see the poster in the window, avery put her hand up on there and said momma and it just breaks your heart. >> reporter: now, authorities have not allowed clay waller to see his children since the week of his wife's disappearance.
7:34 am
at the same time jacque's family and friends organized large searches and, george, they will be out there again this saturday looking for this missing mom. >> okay, yunji, we're joined live by jacque's parents, thank you very much for coming in this morning. i know this has been 43 days of agony for both of you and, stan, i was struck by a message i saw on the find jacque waller facebook page. it says to have come from jacque's dad. it says in it you write, hey, clay, i know you read this page all the time. i just wanted to mention you're not fooling anybody at all. i understand the sheriff has an orange jumpsuit picked out for you and a fine room at the crossbar hotel. i doubt the view is good but it will be free. you will regret hurting my little girl and the tripps. why are you so convinced he's done this? >> what do i think he's done to my family? i think he's just tore my family all to pieces. >> and you're just convinced the police have not named him a
7:35 am
suspect. they say there is no evidence a crime has been committed but you are convinced he is responsible. >> well, the police are operating on the assumption that something must have happened. that for sure. i'm operating on the assumption that something did happen and there's no doubt in my mind what happened. >> no doubt at all. >> jacque, yeah, no doubt whatsoever. stand by anything i've said. >> and you haven't spoken to your son-in-law in over a month but actually did talk to him the night your daughter disappeared. what did you say to him? >> i asked him what he had done to her. he said, i didn't do anything. i said, yeah, you did and we know you did and i said because of all the threats that you've been saying to her over the last year. he said, i have never threatened her. i said, yes, you have and we knew it all along. >> you knew it all along. you knew this relationship was trouble. knew that she was worried and
7:36 am
that's why she was signing divorce papers. >> correct. yes. >> what did she tell you about their relationship? >> well, jacque's always been pretty quiet about their relationship, so we live about an hour and a half away so we saw her all the time but she never really spoke about what was going on, and i don't think it really escalated until about a year ago when she finally decided it was time to get a divorce, and then when she moved up here in march, she started telling us about the threats that he had made on her life and how worried that she was that he was going to follow through. >> it's now been 43 days since your daughter disappeared, as i said, mr. rosin and we saw the police are working on 250 different leads yet still haven't been able to name clay as a suspect. are you satisfied with the way
7:37 am
the investigation is going? >> i certainly am. we have just great police officers' work in this. the major case quad down there is second to none and they've got at least eight full-time detectives working on this 24 hours a day and have ever since day one. we've got two highway patrolmen working on it and they've got the fbi involved in it. so this thing, it will be solved. obviously they're not telling you everything they know. >> they're not. one final question, we're just about out of time. i know the triplets are with jacque's sister right now. how are they doing? >> they do pretty well most of the time but they do have meltdowns. they do miss their mother and
7:38 am
they want to know what's happened and that's the answer we're trying to get for them. >> we all hope you do get that answer again. another search is planned for this weekend. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. we appreciate anything. >> okay, thanks. time for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> hey, george, good morning, everyone. pictures out of new orleans this morning looking at the crescent city connection bridge. a year of weather extremes. billions of dollars in consequences. here's another one. take a look to drought. we know it's worse from texas on. take a look at new orleans, 12 inches below normal rainfall for the year. tallahassee has gotten some. they were 22 inches below normal for the year, now 15. good news section for the southeast where this rain continues to happen there. i know you don't want days of rain but you need it from new orleans, pensacola on into macon and kind of into the atlanta area, as well, columbia, south carolina. that's the good news there. quick look at the big board, pleasant from the great lakes to
7:39 am
new york. cool and comfortab quite a beautiful day we have on the way. temperatures around 85 degrees with sunshine, low humidity. tonight, very comfortable, upper 50's >> texas is the one state that isn't getting help from any of that rain. they get another heat wave next week. that weather was brought to you by all laundry detergent. george? >> thank you, sam. when we come back why restaurants are cracking down on bringing your kids out to dinner. is it fair or going too strong? [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry. we all want a world with fewer chemicals. we all want the best of both worlds. introducing all free clear oxi-active. a powerful new detergent without dyes or perfumes that helps get out your toughest dirt and stains. its added natural cleaning boosters
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remember the old saying children should be seen, not heard? well, now some businesses don't even want to see them. a restaurant in pennsylvania is banning children, banning them under the age of 6 and it's not the first place to do so. in a trend that's angering parents many airlines and restaurants are have having child-free zones. >> reporter: would you like that spaghetti with a side of -- [ screaming ] >> reporter: how about the chicken covered in -- [ baby crying ] >> reporter: or the salad dressed with -- [ baby crying ] >> reporter: well, one restaurant outside pittsburgh is taking that option off the menu
7:44 am
altogether. effective this weekend mcdain's is banning kids under 6 years old. >> over the years there's been an increasing number of babies brought in here, very young ones and they can't be controlled. >> reporter: sure, sometimes kids can get outrageous but outlawed. isn't that a little extreme? >> nothing against the babies, but their chief means of communicate something crying and disturbs other customers. there is an increasing number of people in our society that just don't get it. >> reporter: it turns out mcdain's is not alone. there are restaurants from new york to north carolina, even a movie theater in pennsylvania that had chilled to children. there's even a website that will tell you where to eat kid-free. if you have plans to take little skippy to cola laa koala lampor
7:45 am
again. the flip side is where would we be without kids? technically speaking, the world wouldn't exist without them. some parents don't get the crackdown. >> i probably would say, you know, we're not going to give you our business ever. >> i would not go to a restaurant like that. >> it's just unfair. we're just kidding. it's not like we'll destroy your restaurant. >> reporter: mcdain's owner says he's thrilled people love their kids, just love them somewhere else. >> they don't realize although the kids may and should be the center of their universe they're not the center of universe. >> reporter: warm fuzzies all around, for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> sam so wants to weigh in. we want to you continue to watch "gma" so we're going to keep him over there with his thoughts on all this, but hit him on twitter. i'm sure he'll be more than willing to share there. ahead on "gma," show you the money. hidden treasure in the most unlikely places. come on back.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
you can call me scott. >> do you remember this guy, the marine who asked mila kunis out and was sort of strong-armed, mila kunis, into going by justin timberlake on a movie junket press interview so after that, well, a female marine has thought t tt justin was maybe getting off a little easy so she decided she needs a date and decided to take to the interweb as well. take a look. >> so, justin, you want to call out my girl mila. i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12th in washington, d.c. and if you can't go, all i have to say is cry me a river. >> i love it. >> kelly desanity. she is the only martial arts instructor at quantico, by the
7:51 am
way. >> bitter say yes. >> the guys behind her, i don't know if i'm getting anywhere near that dance if i'm justin. >> he's gone underground. >> we haven't heard from him. do it for your country. that's what you said to mila. >> if you're a patriot, justin, you will. we're watching, wow. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. with the red, white, and blue. ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails. [ coughs ]
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7:55 am
the new superstar marriage.
7:56 am
are brad and angelina finally saying "i do"? comimi up on "gma." hd, this is an live and in abc 7 news update. good morning. 7:56 on this thursday, july 14. i am jennifer donelan. we are focused on the 14th street bridge. the d.c. that on the 14th street bridge, drain cover has sunken down. so that's a sinkhole on the d.c. end of the 14th street bridge. not good. delays on 95 begin at the
7:57 am
in the mainer lanes. from woodbridge all the way to bridge, look at of traffic. hov delays begin at duke street to cross over the bridge. 270 is not quite as bad, a crash southbound before west montgomery ave. now to steve rudin. we have a nice weather this more and. the daytime high with sunshine. tonight, upper 50's to mid to .60's looking good for the day tomorrow, almost a repeat performance, daytime highs near 85 degrees. begin to build six into the upcoming weekend. humidity cranking up again. week.'s next you have a little more room interstate 95 in
7:58 am
virginia. there's an open in both directions between e fairfax county parkway and route 124. you need to avoid the 14th street bridge. have another newspaper at update
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you hear t tt music and you know it is "show me the money" time. treasures and seen these guys on the beach with those contraptions and earplugs. you see guys there picking through a sidewalk. cameron mathison went out and spent some time with real-life treasure hunters and they actually come up with real valuable stuff. a few diamonds right there. go out with them and show us how. how to make a little bit of money if you're willing to put out the time. >> you do have to put out a littleleime. >> a lot of time. it's like an hour to find a nickel. >> is that right? >> heads-up.
8:01 am
you know who is also here this morning with us here, elizabeth smart. she has a new mission and an important message. she also has -- she'll weigh in about jaycee dugard and the ordeal she's been through. lara, a big tv day. >> very exciting for all of us. the emmy nominations are out. favorite stars have been on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if they're on the list. three times. and we will break it all down. that's how excited i am about this. i just love the emmys, the greatest. >> we'll have it live too. >> who knows who we'll get on the phone. >> i love they announce them at the crack of dawn. and for -- >> i know. >> lunchtime here, josh. let's -- before it's dinner to the news. president obama and congressional leadersrs will no try and negotiate today with talks to extend the nation's debt limit blew up. a frustrated president abruptly ended the meeting after eric
8:02 am
cantor proposed a short-term fix. the president is demanding a long-term debt extension and vows he will not yield even if it brings down his presidency. meanwhile, sarah palin says that she will announce by late next month or early september whether she'll run for president or not and says she's not impressed with the current republican candidate field and a new poll shows michele bachmann is surging trailing only mitt romney in the republican race. the new york man accused of killing and dismembering an 8-year-old boy is due to appear in court today. sources say that levy aron has confessed to snatching leibby kletzky then killing him saying he panicked when he saw missing child posters. kletzky disappeared walking home from day camp on tuesday. thousands turned out for his funeral last night. overseas now, despite reports of major progress by american forces in afghanistan, there's new evidence that the war is more violent than ever. the u.n. says that civilian
8:03 am
deaths are up 15% this year compared to last year's record high. it comes just as the u.s. hands over more security duties to afghan forces. and former first lady betty ford will be laid to rest today alongside her husband at his presidential museum in michigan. thousands gathered to pay their final respects wednesday after ford's casket arrived from california. and the theater where david letterman tapes his show has been vandalized for a second time this week. a florida man was arrested overnight accused of shattering glass on the front doors of the ed sullivan theater. another man was picked up sunday after doing essentially the same thing breaking several of the same windows in an admittedly drunken rampage. now diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> and hello again, josh. hope it's a great week so far. tonight, we are going to crown one of our viewers a made in
8:04 am
market all-star. just our first. a mom who came up with a really great idea for creating jobs. you'll have to learn what she came up with. that's tonight on "world news." finally, next time you're at the airport, remember, it's not just the little guys suffering the indignys of security checks. take a look at what tmz obtained. pictures of donald rumsfeld undergoing the full-on patdown at chicago's o'hare airport although it does seem that he was either a very willing participant or perhaps ticklish. smiling all the way. to the gate. >> took it all in stride. >> okay. >> vacation man. >> thanks, josh. i think it might be time for piping hot pop news. >> you think right. right to it today. our pop news heat index. we want to start with this. outrageous, brangelina, wedding rumors crop up every few months but this time "us" magazine says
8:05 am
it is real.. they say they have confirmed the story with not one, not two, but three separate sources and are confident enough to put the details on this week's cover. according to the magazine brad and angelina will marry this summer at their home in france. it's their six children that warmed them up to the idea. so our own hollywood royalty. the new breed of celebrity on facebook, a new study showing one in ten pets in the uk have their own profiles on facebook and the number in the u.s. is growing fast. so what do you do if you're friended by fluffy the cat? it's a fair question considering the study says animals are more popular than human celebrities on social networking sites and i would say, josh, that the bronx zoo cobra would agree. >> long live the bronx zoo cobra. >> if mine gets more followers than me i'll be bummed. all right. you'll love this, guys. the fab and proof that age is,
8:06 am
in fact, just a number. the fine folks at clark retirement center in michigan made this youtube video making the rounds. it's to michael buble's "feeling go good." ♪ good i'm feeling good >> when you watch the whole thing you will want to retire asap just to hang out with them. it is a great video. and finally today, is it damage control or a romantic rendezvous for monaco's royal couple? prince albert trying his best to turn into prince charming perhaps after reports saying that he and his bride stayed in separate hotels on their honeymoon. he wants a do-over and went with his bride to a secret location or perhaps since i'm reporting it not so secret and that is the pop news heat index and there you have it.
8:07 am
>> lara, thanks. >> let's hope they can make it work. >> yeah. >> yeah. good luck with that. it's not off to a bang-up start. i think k all agree. >> third time we talked about it. doesn'n'look like it's off to a great start. >> trying to be optimistic. >> glass half full. >> tell you one spot that's beautiful. right here in times square. take a quick pan shot of everybody that's here for me. get crazy. go nuts. it is a gorgeous day today and this crowd is big and happy. where are you from gentleman. >> georgia. >> georgia. wait a minute. come here of the i know you're from dallas. come here. >> hi. >> your name. >> mya. >> and you're from? >> dallas, texas. >> i got that right. everybody is so sleepy. you guys are out of school. you should be wide awake and running around. to the boards. one or two things going on as you step out your door. pictures from denver. eight days in a row of this kind of storm breaking the heat. more than an n of rain so flooding, hail, lightning,
8:08 am
thunder has all been a part of denver's forecast for the last eight days. here's the next five. today a shot at storms, as well then the heat comes back next week. we're talking about a big heat wave from texas, that goes through denver and all the way toward chicago so getting a little break from it right now but will see more storms for the day today. cooler all the way into the northeast. scattered storms in the teach south and nice day on the west coast. gearing up for a beautiful afternoon across the mid-atlantic. 82-87 degrees today. mainly clear skies for the overnight. temperatures will eventually upper 50's to mid to upper 60's. the day tomorrow looks great, carbon copy of today, near 85 degrees. for a look at the extended outlook that shows the temperature is warming up again
8:09 am
>> i don't know. i think you guys are a little more awake. lara? >> thank you, sam. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma" menu. elizabeth smart talking about her new mission and an important message. plus, what's in your wallet? well, you don't know, it could cost you big bucks. mellody hobson here for that. later, striking gold, diamonds and cash. we go on a treasure hunt out there for the taking. ♪ have a better day [ male announcer ] only subway has a deal
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if you can't afford your medication, i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and theyeyry to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. all this week jaycee dugard has inspired us with her amazing story of survival, resilient and hope. today we'll hear from someone who has a unique perspective on
8:14 am
her ordeal and recovery. she transformed hers into a national mission to protect children. ♪ though they've never met elizabeth smart and jaycee dugard share a remarkable bond, turning unspeakable crimes into inspiring actions. during the summer of 2002 the abduction of 14-year-old elizabeth smart from her salt lake city bedroom unnerved and united the nation then nine months after she disappeared march 12th, 2003, a miracle. smart was found alive. >> the prayers of the world have brought elizabeth home. >> reporter: she'd been held captive physically and psychologically by this man, brian david mitchell and his companion wanda barzee. this may eight years later with the help of elizabeth's ercally grueling testimony, mitchell was sentenced to life in prison. >> i told brian david mitchell today in court that whether he received his just sentence here on earth or after this earth life that one day he will have
8:15 am
to be responsible for his action. >> now that her ordeal is over she refuses to dwell on her past. >> today is the ending of a very long chapter and the beginning of a very beautiful chapter for me. >> it's the same sentiment jaycee dugard and her mother recently shared with diane sawyer. >> if he is watching this, if he sees this, is there anything more either of you wants to say to him? >> can't steal anything else. can't steal our love for each other, you know. couldn't take that away. >> so in the battle between good and evil -- >> good wins. >> good wins. >> and for elizabeth smart going good means raising her voice for children advocates including her new foundation which just launched. >> i would encourage and ask parents everyone everywhere to continue to pray for the children still missing, to keep
8:16 am
an eye out, keep looking for them because miracles can happen and they still do happen today. ♪ >> and we are so glad now to be joined by elizabeth smart. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thanks for having me come in. >> you know, we've all been so riveted by watching jaycee dugard this week and i can only imagine how her story must have hit home for you. how it's made you feel. >> well, jaycee dugard certainly is to be admired for her courage, for her strength, for her bravery and coming out with her story and i think what jaycee represents and what she shows, what her story shows is that there are still children out there that are waiting to be found. >> every single day. what wow say to her if you could? >> i would tell her just how much i admire her and her courage and her strength for moving forward, for not living in the shadow of her past. >> one of the things that was so emotional in her story is seeing her connection with her mom
8:17 am
after all that time, and you've talked about how your mom is in many ways the key to your recovery, as well. >> yes. >> how so? >> well, i mean recovery is different for every individual, but for me, my mom pointed out that i could live in the past, that i could hold on to what this man did to me and how he hurt me and i could feel sorry for myself or i cld choose to not give another minute of my life to this man and move forward and follow my dreams and do everything i ever wanted to and so that was the -- >> and how much difference did it make finally in may to have the legal proceedings over once and for all done? did that make a big difference to you or were you already far along on the transformation?
8:18 am
>> i certainly have come a very long way from -- from june of 2003, and i try to always be looking forward, try to always be -- have hope for the future, but it certainly was nice to have the verdict come out, know that it was done, have it be an ending. >> a release. >> yes. >> now you are looking forward. you've got, what, one more year of school. >> yes. >> you're already hard at work and showed in the piece how you really plan to dedicate your life to this issue, dedicated to the mission of saving, protecting children and dealing with missing children. tell us about the work of your foundation. >> well, there are a few things that my foundation is currently working on, but one of the issues that i would really like to address today is right now in
8:19 am
washington there is so much talk of funding and cutting funding and it is so essential that we do not cut any funding that is related to children. elizabeth smart foundation is really pushing to support and help the internet crimes against children task force as much as possible. >> you mentioned the internet and brought along this map which i think shows how deep the problem is in some places. explain what all this red and deep dark clusters mean. >> all right. so this map is -- it was taken -- it's taken of 500,000 cases of the worst child pornography circulated on the internet and the darker the color is, the more -- the worse it is. >> most of the country covered. >> yes. >> and so these are the most heinous of child pornography crimes and this is -- i mean this is what the internet crimes
8:20 am
against children task force works to protect and as you can see it's quite extreme. >> it really is. eye opening. >> something we can't afford to cut. >> as part of your mission you'll be doing work with us here at abc as the issues come up. are you excited bit. >> i am thrilled to be working with abc. i think there is a real power and partnering up and i really believe that we can do some good together. >> i hope we can. i know we can. elizabeth smart, thanks very much. >> thank sflu robin? >> all right, george. we love having elizabeth smart on the abc news team. thanks so much. we'll switch gears. hey, how are you? good to see you. hello, hello, hello. you know, more than 8 million americans suffered from identity theft last year alone and so that's why it's very important, the people out there that kind of want to get your information and look in your purses and look in your back pocks so that's why it's so important to know what's in your wallet. that's why mellody hobson from
8:21 am
ariel investments, we made her hit the streets to take a look and find out. summer in times square, wallet holders wandering everywhere and our mellody hobson is on the case. l . >> let's see. not a minute, no, no, okay. these nice ladies, this involves taking out your wallet. >> okay. >> we're going to move to my office. >> okay. >> ursula from new york thought her wallet was well organized. >> does it feel a little junky in here to you or is it just me. is there a balance on this card. >> absolutely nothing. >> so why are you carrying it around. what do you think about cutting up the card right now. >> all right. giant pair of scissors. there we go. >> first step, get snippy. cut out wallet clutter. >> what's all these driver licenses? they've expired last august. how much do i love these? >> some people were hard to convince.
8:22 am
>> no. no, it would help you, no. don't run away. don't run away. can i ask you -- oh. >> see. >> you're no good to me. >> others were much easier. >> you're so cute. >> do you mind stepping into my office? >> of course not. >> where is your wallet? >> oh, my god. i've got so many things going on at once. >> danger, will robinson. social security card in your wallet? geez. do you know i could steal your whole life right now? >> always beware of identity theft. never ever carry your social security card in your wallet. >> you'll promise me you'll go home and take that out. look me in the eye. >> i promise. >> okay, mellody was on a roll. ♪ >> can i ask you some questions about money? let me see your wallet. how much money do you have. i want to see your wallet. >> no wallet. >> no wallet. this is how you lose things, though. you got a lot of stuff swimming
8:23 am
around there. where is your i.d.? >> get a good wallet. never leave valuables loose in your pocket or purse? >> well, that's all good besides the social security card that scares me to death, everything else is pretty good. >> and those are mellody's tips. and some great tips they are and mellody will have a little check list for us. good to see you. that was a lot of fun. >> very fun. >> so, okay, what should we not have when it comes to credit cards in our wallet. >> okay, so not a lot of credit cards. i've been saying this for yearar one credit card is all you need. here's the good news, the average american now is walking around with two cards. that's down from three last year. that's down from five five years ago. so we've made real progress and it's for obvious reason, the more credit cards,he more likely you are to spend, overextend yourself, the more interest you'll be paying, the worst effect it has on your credit score. >> who has one, two that they're
8:24 am
carrying, more than that? you see that. >> i've got some work. >> i remember this great cynthia mcfadden episode. george costanza, couldn't close his wallet because of all the receipts he had in there. >> besides the clutter which is obvious where you can't find and lose things, most retailers are very good but some have all of your credit card information on the receipt. it's very rare but it does happen. that's a gold mine for an identity thief. so you want to take that clutter out of your wallet. think about it when you take change out of your pock, take the receipts out of your wallet. keep them around until your bank statement comes and reconcile them. >> what else should we not have. >> the three ps, don't ever have your passport with you. even if you're traveling abroad. drawawp the first page and keep the passport back in the hotel. no password and no p.i.n. they keep them right next to the
8:25 am
atm so you lose the wallet and someone can raid your account. there's apps for that to help you remember your password. >> three ps. easy to remember. cards sometimes expire and have other stuff in there. >> i was shocked by the number of people that have old stuff in their wallet, expired driver's license and expired credit cards. even though they're expired don't think identity thieves won't try to lose them. you're swimming with information that's not essential makes it very hard to keep track. >> how much cash do we need to have have? a little cash. some tourists here in the city. how much should you be carrying? >> this is what i say about cash. have as much cash as you need but if you lose it, it doesn't change your life so not too much cash that you can't afford to lose. that's the rule of thumb. of course, you don't want to make lots and lots of trips to the atms outside your bank network because those fees add up. >> that's right. >> i like your little office that we have here.
8:26 am
>> thanks. >> not bad there. you can furnish it now. >> we'll work on that. i don't have any credit cards on me. you won't let me carry them. >> not more than one. >> thanks, mellody. you know what we have coming up in our next hour? they're so good. yes, we'll "show you the money" next on "gma." after your local news and weather. i love you guys.
8:27 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning. i am pamela brown. 8:27 on this thursday. let's check the roads with lisa baden. 95, 395.low on 295, coming out of oxon hill to get to the 11th street bridge as well. a drain cover sunday into the ground, causing a sinkhole on of the 14th street into the ground. s begin at woodbrige virginia all the way to the 14th street bridge. v delays to begin at duke
8:28 am
street. is suffering. there are delays at georgia avenue. a minor wreck after new hampshire ave. the shoulder by the time you get there. but it's a nice day. lots of sunshine on the way for today, 82-87 degrees for the daytime high. moving into the overnight, no clouds, upper 50's to mid to 60's. the day tomorrow looks really almost a repeat of today, 85 degrees. a look at the extended outlook, the mid 90's by next week. d.c. councilman marion barry's sun faces a drug dealing charges. barry was arrested in may. police found pcp and marijuana his apartment. more information on this story and others, log on to our
8:29 am
we will have another update at 8:56.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ let's get a little mud on the tires ♪ >> brad paisley. we love him. in central park tomorrow. you are all invited and we can't wait for that and hopefully we'll have another beautiful morning like we're having right now because the weather right now is perfect. thank you, sam champion. it's great. so we'd love to see you tomorrow with brad paisley in the park. >> he is such a great guy. >> such a nice guy. exciting is building. just a few minutes, in nine minutes emmy nominations live. we'll go straight to them from los angeles. we have all of your favorites, got the nod this morning. >> looking forward to that. george, first this morning, our audience has a request. >> all: show me the money!
8:31 am
>> you should have been here for rehearsal. terrific. we want to show you the money ♪ money money >> cameron mathison is going to show you the money. here he is. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: for adventure lovers indiana jones represents the ultimate dream, unearthing priceless treasures. >> you have chosen wisely. >> reporter: but that only happens in the movies, right? think again. meet three sets of real-life adventurers who have discovered treasures worth thousands, that's right, thousands of dollars and they've done it in their own backyard. >> oh, that does sound good. >> reporter: first up meet the city miner of new york city. most days he can be found on his hands and knee on 47th street hunting for diamond, ruby, gold.
8:32 am
he says that drop and stuck in the sidewalk cracks. i asked raffi if i could tag along for a manhattan mining expedition. come on, man. i'm going in. what do i need? >> some gloves. >> reporter: within three minutes of starting our search we scored. look what raffi and i found. that's a pretty sizable piece of gold, ladies and gentlemen. can i give this to my wife? within five more, see right there, that's a diamond. >> that's a diamond. >> can we get some security around here. we caught a few folks laughing at his methods but diamond dealers tell us it's no joke. apparently precious stones and metals are dropped every week. >> i've lost a lot of things. carry these things in envelopes, can fall through their pocket. they could drop it. >> reporter: as for that dirt that raffi took such pains to sweep up. watch what happens when he sifts and pans, that folks, is gold. since starting his expeditions raffi has found a treasure trove
8:33 am
worth thousands. >> that sounds like money, baby. >> reporter: meet tim and george. >> that's very sweet. >> yeah! >> reporter: the montana men have taken metal detecting to a whole new level. >> we're not sashthly normal. >> reporter: what started out as a hobby six years ago with the aid of a basic metal detector they used in old swimming holes has blossomed that this, a treasure trove of loot worth thousands and thousands of dollars and unearthed silver cools and civil war belt buckles. the friends are part of a growing community that say if you want to find money invest in a metal detector. >> you could dig up coins all day with a $200 machine. it's very ink expensive. >> reporter: among tim and george's tips. head to the beach. >> a lot of times they're putting lotion on and sunscreen and rings just seem to fly off the hands. >> reporter: two, check out outdoor spaces that hold concerts the morning after big
8:34 am
events there are almost always cash and electronics to be found. three, out in the country, look for clusters of trees in the middle of otherwise sprawling fields. that's the sign of an old homestead where there are often buried treasures. >> a person has no idea how much coins and jewelry and treasures are in the ground. >> reporter: meet the humphrey family. when they run errands they come with their eyes peeled for loose change. in over five years the family has found more than $1,200 mostly in denominations of pennies, nickels and dimes. according to the family, among the best places to find change, mall parking lots, college campuses and in and around security checkpoints at airports. certain neighborhoods are better for finding money than other neighborhoods and it's not the way you might think. >> then lower income neighborhoods we find the most change. in higher incomes we don't find anything. >> reporter: why do you think that is. >> i'm guessing they carry credit cards, debit cards.
8:35 am
>> reporter: a $100 bill in atlantic city. i have to see it for myself. i tagged along for a trip to the grocery store. brianna was the first to score a find. a penny in the parking space. >> high-five then i issued her a challenge. okay. so brianna has one and i have -- >> none. >> reporter: we're going one-on-one, head-to-head. bring it and within five minutes i, the one-time student, had become the master. what is up? >> you got me. >> reporter: one more penny for the family's pot and proof positive that you really can find treasure in your own backyard. my ego feels a lot better now. thanks for that. >> and it's your turn to cash in. find 11 ways to find unclaimed money and get that at our website at >> excuse me. just found this. did you drop this, ma'am? >> i didn't know you were doing
8:36 am
that. unclaimed money. >> yeah. >> and that's why i love robin roberts, ladies and gentlemen. >> all: show me the money. >> i love you guys for that lease get to the boards. many things we want to talk about as you walk out the door. just as gorgeous in philadelphia as it is right here in new york ci city. i wish everybody could feel the relief of that cold front but it won't make it all the way across the country. notice that high pressure and drop temperatures. boston, 77 today though you will start warming up again because we're in for heat and humidity decrease today. 82-87 for the daytime high. great sleeping conditions tonight, a downtown low the 50's in the >> all that weather was brought to you by swiffer wet
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♪ hooray for hollywood >> time for the emmy nominations. this is tv's top honors and a really big night so we want to go right to t t leonard harkes goldenson theater in north hollywood. >> yeah. >> very exciting. this is the entire world of television there waiting for the news and actors melissa mccarthy and joshua jackson and john
8:40 am
shatner are here. >> there's chris connelly. >> there's chris. >> you know he has -- >> there's the emmy and here are the nominees. >> in two, one, go. >> the television academy and hollywood, california. [ applause ] >> good morning. i'm john shaffner, chairman and ceo of the academy of television arts and sciences. welcome to the 63rd primetime emmy awards nominations announcements. television has always been at the forefront of innovation and creativity and this past year has been no exception. our members have worked extra hard in selecting this year's emmy nominees. joining me for the presentations this morning are melissa mccarthy who stars in "mike & molly" and joshua jackson who stars in the fox broadcasting series "fringe." melissa, joshua, thank you,
8:41 am
thank you so much for being here so early in the morning. thank you. >> our pleasure. our pleasure. >> melissa, ladies first. >> quite a gentleman. the nominations in the drama series category are dashboar-- "boardwalk empire," "friday night lights," "game of thrones," "dexter," "the good wife" and "mad men." >> the nominees for lead actress in a drama series are -- katie bate, "harry's law." connie britton, "friday night lights," mariska harrington day, julianna margulies and elisabeth moss. >> more lead actor in a drama series, steve buscemi, "boardwalk empire," kyle chandler, "friday night lights," michael c. hall, "dexter," jon
8:42 am
hamm, "mad men," hugh laurie, "house" and timothy olyphant, "justified." >> for outstanding miniseries or movie, the nominees are cinema verite, "downton abbey," "the kennedys," "mildred pierce" and "the pillers of the earth" and "too big to fail." >> the nominees for lead actress are -- taraji henson, diane lane, "cinema verite." gene marsh "upstairs down stairs masterpiece." elizabeth mcgovern, and kate winslet "mildred pierce." >> the nominees for lead actor in a miniseries or movie are -- "luther, idris elba, laurence
8:43 am
fishburne, william hurt, greg kinnear "the kennedys." barry pepper "the kennedys" age edgar ramirez, "carlos." >> the nominees for outstanding host for reality or reality competition program are -- tom burj ron "dancing with the stars", cat deeley "so you think you can dance. phil keoghan, jeff probst and ryan seacrest. "american idol." >> "the amazing race," "american idol," "dancing with the stars," "project runway," "so you think you can dance" and "top chef." >> the nominees for variety music or comedy series are --
8:44 am
"the colbert report," "conan," "the daily show with jon stewart," "saturday night live," "realtime with political maher" and "late night with jimmy fallon." edie falco, tina fey, lauri linney "the big c." melissa mccarthy, "mike & molly." >> yikes. >> martha plimpton, "raising hope." and amy poehler, "parks and recreation." >> okay. keep it together. the nominees for lead actor in a comedy series are, alec baldwin, "30 rock," louis c.k., steve
8:45 am
carell, "the office," johnny galecki, "the big bang therapy," matt leblanc and jim parsons, "the big bang therapy." >> let's complete the announcements by bringing back john to announce the final category. >> hello again. the nominations in the comedy series category are -- "the big bang theory," "glee," "modern family," "the office," "parks and recreation," and "30 rock." melissa, the academy congratulates you on your nomination and joshua, thank you very much again for helping us with this. >> my pleasure. >> there is a complete list of all the emmy nominees on our website at please tune in to the fox network on sunday, september 18th for the live telecast of the 63rd primetime emmys finding out who is going to take home the emmy. have a great day, everybody.
8:46 am
[ applause ] >> wow, very exciting and the emmys, of course, hosted by jayne lynch and right now chris connelly joins us from hollywood. chris, biggest surprise for you? >> well, i think the melissa mccarthy nomination was the biggest surprise especially to melissa mccarthy, pretty big year with "bridesmaids." you usually see more familiar faces during these emmy nominations than at your tenth high school reunion so any time there is a new face, it's pretty exciting. you get a nomination and it seems sometimes like it's a tenured position at a university but we saw some surprises certainly and she's one of the biggest i'd say. very exciting. >> her reaction was so natural and was so great, that yikes jumping out of her mouth. >> there's all kinds of stuff going on here and, you know, certainly the comedy series and the comedy categories are extremely competitive. any time you've got "glee" and "modern family" against each other one more time that's going to be a real battle. two hugely popular shows.
8:47 am
both nominated again this year. >> anybody you were surprised that did not get nominated? >> well, let's see. there are -- i guess there are a couple -- tony co-let for "the united states of tara" not getting nominated. lea michele for best comedy actress in "glee," a bit of a surprise. very competitive categories and any time somebody moves in, somebody has to move out. >> all right, let's talk about "modern family." big morning, right? >> huge. >> we'll come back to chris, right. any reaction to "modern family" real quick? >> well, all looks good from here. looks pretty exciting. >> ed o'neil, we'll talk about that, a big morning for him. first nomination in all his years. >> i know. >> well, the actors have said it's because he's so generous. and so perhaps this is his year. >> kind of gets hidden in an ensemble cast because he's so giving. so great he got that nomination. >> we'll have more with chris
8:48 am
connelly when we come back about the primetime emmys. >> we'll look at them. ♪ hollywo
8:49 am
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♪ hooray for hollywood >> right back to chris connelly. we seemed to surprise you before the last break, chris, but "modern family," 17 nominations, what a day for them. >> a tremendous performance and all the men getting nominated in best supporting actor for a comedy. if i'm not mistaken the first time in a long time that alec baldwin for "30 rock" has not been nominated in the category but what a day to sweep the guys there with jesse ferguson and eric stonestreet and ed o'neil, i think that's his first nomination ever. yes. >> let's talk about -- >> also over on -- go ahead. on the supporting actress category, julie and sofia vergara, they did good, as well. i hope they're nice to the kids.
8:51 am
ty borrell also. >> betty white m me us smile. we were happy to see that she got the nod. >> yeah, i know she was practically the star of the show last year, everybody was talking about betty white. now she gets a nomination for "hot in cleveland." good day for her, it seems like. >> talk about the competition for drama series. you got "boardwalk empire," "dexter," "friday night lights," "game of thrones," "the good wife" and "mad men." who do you like there. >> the big surprise is -- well, "mad men" has won this category pretty much every type they've been up. not a surprise there. "game of thrones" is the surprise nominee. the kind of new one. "breaking bad" not eligible because they didn't have any performances during the eligibility period so that opens up a slot there and bryan cranston also who has won the best actor in a drama award a number of different year, three years running opens up that slot, as well. that's open season but you still have to like "mad men" in that
8:52 am
category i think. >> and james -- jayne lynch, a winner last year, also, chris, going -- she's going to host the emmys this year. that's -- >> we could have a moment. >> you know, it's -- well, she won last year also. you know it's very tough to beat a host at the emmys. it's kind of like playing on the road. you know, you really have to -- you really have to give 110% to beat the host so that is an enormously big category. amy ryan from "the office" not getting nominated or jane, you know, betty white taking a slot or rishita jones not getting nominated. >> we got a hometown favorite. tom bergeron, "dancing with the stars." >> absolutely, yes. >> for reality show, yes, psyched for tom. that's very exciting. he should have a good run. also very surprising i think to get the support for the kennedys that we heard. i think a lot of people weren't expecting it to get as
8:53 am
nominations in that movie or miniseries. surprising given how tough a time that interpraise had getting on television. it got a fair amount of support from the voters it seems like. >> i'm rooting for "cinema verite" a great -- >> you cheered when you saw that. >> that version of american family. like the original reality show. how could we not want to see one about that. >> and diane lane. thanks, chris. we'll be right back. ♪ hollywood
8:54 am
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horse trading interviews over here. thanks a lot for watching abc news. always online at twitter and facebook and watch diane on "world news tonight". >> brad paisley tomorrow live in central park. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning on this
8:57 am
thursday. i am pamela brown. let's look at the roads with lisa baden. on.t going >> they have not arrived to repair the sinkhole and ofeloped on the d.c. side the 14th street bridge. north on 95, it's trouble. the pac we will take you to the 14th street bridge now. crawling into the district. 270,ryland, southbound improving. germantown tom h gaithersburg and rockville, not very difficult. clear from leesburg and restaurants and looks good across the american legion bridge. > happy to bring you the of sunshinets today, 82-87, low humidity. tonight, upper 50's to mid to downtown.
8:58 am
tomorrow, almost a repeat of today, a few more clouds, 83-88 degrees. if you have plans to go to the weekend, looks good. heat and humidity returning by the weekend into the upcoming work week. metro is about to change the way it makes repairs. right now the trains share a single tracks during weekend metro plans tow directions to do area at oneone time. buses will be provided to get track work. thanks for watching. we will be back at noon. meanwhile, "live! with regis and kelly
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